Welcome to The Topiary Cake Design



Hello! My name is Calley Sholder and I just recently moved to Savannah, Georgia. People ask me all the time where I came from and honestly... all over. I went to college in Providence, Rhode Island at Johnson & Wales University. While I attended there I got my bachelors degree in Baking and Pastry and Food Service Entrepreneurship. Before that I lived in Spanish Fort, Alabama but don't let that fool you, I was born in upstate New York. Like I said I have moved a lot. I have always been passionate about baking. When I was younger I would make truffles all the time. Then in high school I went through the whole cupcake fad. Now I am ready to do it all. I love doing cakes and how personalized you can make them. My hope is for brides to give me full reign on a dessert table and I would be able to customize everything for them. Not only can I bake but I have a passion for graphic design which I intend on using in my baking.